AeroGDT, as a subsidiary of ER Makina, designs custom gearboxes for aerospace, robotics applications, marine, automotive & commercial industries and manufactures them in collaboration with ER Makina.

All our products are designed & manufactured in accordance with customer requirements and ISO,DIN & AGMA specifications. We provide gearboxes for high speed, high torque and precision positioning applications.

Keeping quality as the basis of our design & manufacturing, we can collaborate with our customer’s design team to further develop their current & ongoing design projects and products.

We do also provide testing services for gears and gearboxes. Designing & constructing test setups and accomplishing performance tests are essential phases of power transmission development work. Design and construction of endurance test rigs, static and dynamic performance test rigs are within capabilities of our technical staff.

Let us get in touch with your engineers and technical staff to provide you more information about our custom gearbox services & discuss your needs.



Our experienced academic and engineering staff in AeroGDT provides design service for both custom and commercial gearboxes with your specific requirements.

Lighter and higher torque gearboxes are recently attracting more attention especially in aerospace and robotics applications. Power density of gear boxes are being maximized by new and different design techniques. New design methodologies and new materials help reduce both gear stresses and gearbox weights. Some of the new design techniques, where we feel confident, include asymmetric tooth and asymmetric root gears both individually or in combination help reduce gears stresses by 5% to 15% which at the end help maximize power density of the gearbox. High contact ratio gears is another gear design subject and employed by our engineering staff to aerospace helicopter gears successfully and resulted in a patent application.

Let our experienced engineering and product development team help you achieve your project goals.


Test services are the milestones of design and development works and we feel rather confident in that subject of designing and constructing satisfactory test setups for gears and gearboxes. Both parallel axes and non-parallel axes gears and gearboxes are in our scope regarding both design, construction and instrumentation of the whole test rig.

Braked and torque locked (back-to-back) systems of gear test rigs are some examples of test rigs that we design and construct. Instrumentation may include torque, speed, temperature, vibration, noise etc measurements. Endurance and durability tests of gearboxes are the main focusing area of testing team.